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  • What is Toothbus?
    The Toothbus is a licensed mobile dental hygiene clinic, operated by registered dental hygienists. The Toothbus offers professional teeth cleaning in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver. As well as, professional teeth whitening, and oral cancer screening services for adults and children age 3+. Why mobile? Simply because we drive to your doorstep or desired location to do your teeth cleaning for you!
  • Where does the Toothbus operate?
    The Toothbus is completely self-contained and practical. We provide teeth cleaning and teeth whitening services in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver. Locations include Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, Coquitlam, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, and Maple Ridge. We come right to your doorstep or wherever you have a parking spot for us to provide you with our services. Group bookings outside of the GVRD or in remote locations can be scheduled by contacting Toothbus in advance at 778-721-0800.
  • How does the process with Toothbus work?
    Booking with Toothbus is as easy as: 1) Booking an appointment online or by phone at 778-721-0800 2) We’ll be on our way to your location (Home|Business) 3) Our licensed and professional dental hygienists will have your treatment done.
  • What are Toothbus’s latest Covid-19 safety protocols?
    As our primary responsibility to keep patients and staff safe, we can assure you that the interior of the Toothbus and tools are always cleaned and sterilized and clean after each patient’s appointment.Toothbus is equipped with a dental grade Air purifier with HEPA filter. In addition to theair purifier, when procedures generating aerosols are performed, we always made sureto use a High Volume Evacuation device to eliminate more than 95% of aerosols, as perCanadian Dental Association. Other protocols include: Screening yourself and make sure you are symptoms-free before coming to your appointment. All patients will be prescreened the day of their appointment . It is mandatory for all patients to sanitize their hands before being seated. We politely ask you not to bring excess items with you. i.e., handbags, caps, heavy coats etc. An appropriate PPE mask will be worn by our dental hygienists at all times. For clients paying out of pocket for services, we recommend paying with a touchless payment. We accept e-transfer!
  • What are your cancellation, rescheduling, and missed appointments policies?"
    For appointment cancellations and rescheduling, we require our patients to inform us at least 48 hours in advance. As for missed appointments and late cancellations, we have the right to charge you a late cancellation fee without a valid reason. We value your time and business and book the allotted time especially for you.
  • What happens during the dental cleaning process?
    For all our new patient and recurring appointments, we will review your medical History, perform a dental hygiene exam including head and Neck. Assess your periodontal health which includes measurement of your pockets around your teeth for the purposes of a gum disease diagnosis. Intraoral photos are taken for patient education and general evaluation of your oral cavity. Treatment of gum disease with scaling/root planing. Polishing for stain removal and Fluoride treatment are provided desensitizing and anti-caries are prevention.
  • How much do your services cost?
    You must be googling about “how much does a dental cleaning cost in vancouver?” or “teeth whitening prices in BC”. Well, rest assured that Toothbus complies with the BCDHA Dental Hygiene Services fee guide. You can find our prices listed under each service category on the Book Now page. Price also varies for a new patient than for a recurring patient due to the initial “New Patient Dental Hygiene Exam” fee, which is a one-time fee.
  • Do you accept dental insurance?
    Yes, we work directly with most major carriers. For a full list, please visit the about page. Dental coverage will vary based on the plan you have. You can either provide us with your insurance information at least 48 hours prior to your appointment or have your insurance booklet with you for your appointment. The Toothbus team will always ensure you understand your coverage options prior to recommending a treatment.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept most major credit cards that include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We are also accepting e-transfer.
  • Who performs the services?
    All services are performed by a licensed and insured Registered Dental Hygienist.
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