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Go in Stress-Free into your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Teeth Cleaning: Why Worry?

Regular professional teeth cleaning at a dental office or with a registered dental hygienist is crucial for maintaining good oral health and healthy teeth. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a person should visit a dental health professional twice a year for teeth cleaning and dental check-ups.

Why is that?

Simply because teeth cleaning plays a primary role in maintaining good dental hygiene by removing dental plaque and hard tartar that you can’t easily remove with regular brushing. It also helps prevent gum disease and cavities that may lead to serious oral health issues.

For so many people, teeth cleaning is considered a dreadful experience. Between the scaling, unusual tool noises, and occasional jaw discomfort, people think twice before booking their teeth cleaning appointments. It’s worth pointing out that teeth cleaning is a painless, quick and convenient experience, especially with Toothbus!

Knowing what happens during a teeth cleaning session can help ease your stress and encourage you to book your next session to enjoy a whiter and brighter smile.

Yes, whiter and brighter! Because a professional dental cleaning can do that too.

Process of Booking Teeth Cleaning with Toothbus.