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Because your smile is important to us, Toothbus Vancouver is committed to providing its patients with one of the best teeth whitening treatments for a natural-looking smile. 

Professional Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, Surrey, and the Greater Vancouver Area

Besides teeth cleaning, Toothbus Vancouver also provides professional teeth whitening in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley, and other Lower Mainland Cities. 
Yes, we commute to all these cities to provide our patients with the necessary care they need. 
Whether you’re looking to do your teeth whitening treatment beside your office or your home, the Toothbus will come to your destination wherever you are.  

The Teeth Whitening Service at Toothbus

At Toothbus, we ensure to provide the best service in town with the best products and that’s why we use Venus White Max. We believe it is one of the best teeth whitening treatments for sensitive teeth.


The Venus Whitening Max system is a process of teeth bleaching in order to lighten discoloured enamel and dentin, giving an overall whiter appearance.  The peroxide in Venus White breaks up protein chains that create stains. 


We all want to look our best when we smile, and teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular and convenient. Venus makes that process faster, safer and easier than ever. 


So, if you are searching for natural teeth whitening results with a quick and convenient process then Toothbus is your best choice.


What are you waiting for? Book the best teeth whitening in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and New Westminster

What to Expect During the Teeth Whitening Session?

Before you receive a teeth whitening treatment, we will examine your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy and determine if bleaching will improve the stains. The process is simple and as follows: 1- We will polish your teeth 2- We will then retract your cheeks and rinse and dry your teeth. 3- We will coat your gums with a protective gel to prevent irritation from the bleaching gel. 4- We will then apply gel to your teeth for about 15 minutes. Unlike Zoom teeth whitening, no acceleration light will be used. 5- After the 15minutes the gel is suctioned off and your teeth are rinsed, we will repeat the process three to four times to achieve the shade of whiteness you want. After the sessions are complete, you will love the look of your new bright smile. You will notice that your teeth will continue to get whiter for a day or two, and then the color will stabilize.


We love using Venus White MAX simply because of the following reasons: 1. It has potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity. 2. It does not require a chairside whitening light to produce impressive results. 3. The whitening treatment takes around an hour. 4. It is among the safest cosmetic dental treatments available. 5. Venus White teeth whitening contains peroxide which releases oxygen molecules to break up the chains of protein that comprise tooth stains. As a result, light travels through the dispersed protein links and makes the teeth look whiter 6. Venus also donates a portion of its sales to support breast cancer research, so we know we’re also helping a good cause.

Why does Toothbus Use Venus White Max?

What Are the Benefits of Using Venus White Max?

Using Venus White Max for teeth whitening is considered to be one of the safest ways to whiten teeth. The process is similar to Zoom but without an activation light; therefore, you won’t experience the side effects of dried-out and sensitive teeth. Venus White Max also contains potassium nitrate incorporated into its whitening gel, so that's why it is one of the best teeth whitening options for sensitive teeth.

How Long is the Teeth Whitening Session with Toothbus?

The whole teeth whitening session is broken down into several sessions to help achieve the maximum results. With each session lasting approximately 15 minutes, patients rest in the dental chair while the whitening product works hard at removing deep stains and rejuvenating the smile. Most patients will undergo a professional cleaning before the treatment to remove all plaque and tartar, which may inhibit the whitening product from working at its best. A five-minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure (we recommend a cleaning prior to the actual Venus Whitening session). In conclusion, the procedure begins with a preparation period followed by one hour of the teeth whitening process. So in total, without teeth cleaning, it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

How Often Should You Come Back for Teeth Whitening?

Ideally, 1 time per year and depending on your diet, home oral care routine, and professional teeth cleaning frequency.

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